The wedding season hits its peak in the period between May and October. Winter weddings, due to lower temperatures and uncertain weather, are significantly less popular with newlyweds-to-be. However, this does not mean that the disadvantages of a winter wedding always outweigh its potential perks. Sometimes it is quite the opposite.

The first and most important argument that comes to mind is that you have a much greater choice of available dates. Couples who are not keen on waiting for an available date at their chosen venue should definitely consider tying the knot outside the summer season. This applies not only to wedding venues, but also to DJs, photographers, and even available dates in churches.

Due to the lower demand when it comes to winter weddings, organisers usually offer much lower prices.

Cheaper accommodations, winter-themed decorations and wedding cake included in the price of the menu are just some examples of how they make their offers more attractive. The drop in demand also often makes other subcontractors lower the prices of their services to increase their market competitiveness.

Yet another argument for an out-of-season wedding is the opportunity to have a winter photoshoot. Gently falling snow, sunbeams reflecting off tiny ice crystals – the potential for outdoor photo shoots is tremendous. In winter, days are shorter, and restaurants use candles and Christmas lights to achieve a uniquely cosy atmosphere. This makes for a perfect background for wedding photoshoots.

While a summer wedding does have its perks, it is also important to consider a number of other aspects. In the summer season, couples most often seek venues with gardens or terraces. Being able to go out in the evening and breathe some fresh, warm summer air is a welcome respite after a long, hot day. This also comes with a downside, however – the wedding hall empties out, and so does the dance floor.

Moreover, the summer season is also the holiday season – it is entirely possible that not all guests that you want to invite will be able to make it to your wedding, having already booked their summer trips.

Wedding in winter? Worth considering!

I believe the winter season, the Christmas and carnival season, to be a perfect time for a wedding reception, and that it offers many perks which are often overlooked. It is therefore a good idea to take your time when deciding a date which will make both the couple and the guests happy.