weselne podziękowania dla rodziców

Thanking the parents.

One of the most important elements of a wedding reception is thanking the parents. The newly-weds spend a lot of time choosing the right gift, proper wording and even musical theme to be played in the background. Each of these elements creates a truly moving scene when all eyes of the guests are focused on the parents of the bride and groom. This very moment stays in the hearts and memory of the parents whom we owe so much.

niewielkich prezencikach dla swoich gości weselnych

Small gifts for the wedding guests.

Apart from flower decorations, the seating plan, menu, the colour of ribbons, the size and shape of the candles, the type of music and many other elements, the newly-weds should also remember about small gifts for their wedding party. The ideas and the final versions can be very different. Sometimes they are just symbolic, sometimes funny, hand-made, connected with the country of origin or hobbies of the bride and groom or the venue for the wedding reception. It is a form of appreciation and a thank you for attending the wedding and for their support on the special day.

podziękowania dla organizatorów wesela

Thanking the organisers.

While remembering to thank the parents and the guests attending the wedding, it is also worth thinking of a symbolic thank you for all people who made it all happen, that is wedding consultants, photographers, beauticians, hairdressers, florists, confectioners, cooks, and restaurant staff present till the very end of the reception. They are a group of people who put their energy, engagement and heart into their work. They make every effort for the wedding day to be one of a kind and unforgettable. Of course, in line with the concluded agreement, they receive remuneration for their work but it is worth saying a simple “thank you” to them. A good word does not cost a thing and, at the same time, it means so much because everyone is glad when their efforts are appreciated. Posting a positive comment on the Internet or sending an e-mail with a thank you message or a recommendation letter takes only a couple of minutes.

Taking the opportunity, on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire hotel staff, I wish to thank all newly-weds, for whom we have had the honour of organising wedding receptions, for all kind words, e-mails and recommendation letters. The positive feedback we have received has given us good energy and encouragement to constantly improve our services. Thank you all once more!

All those who are still in the process of choosing the venue for their wedding reception, feel free to read the reviews we’ve received that are posted in the “reviews from websites” tab. Still not sure? Let us convince you!